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Müglitz is a geographical name:


  • Müglitz (river) , in Czech Mohelnice , left tributary of the Elbe in Heidenau, district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains, Saxony, with its upper reaches in Bohemia

City and places:

  • Böhmisch Müglitz or Mohelnice (Krupka) , Czech.Mohelnice u Krupky , local desert on the Müglitz in the area of ​​the town of Krupka, Teplice district, Aussiger region, Czech Republic
  • Müglitz , Czech Mohelnice , small town in the district of Mährisch Schönberg, Czech Okres Šumperk , Olomouc Region, Czech Republic
  • Müglitz (Altenberg) , district of Altenberg an der Müglitz, Saxony

Müglitz is a family name: