Mohelnice (Krupka)

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Mohelnice ( German  Bohemian Müglitz ) is a desert in the north of the Czech Republic . Your cadastre with an area of ​​23.7524 ha belongs to the city of Krupka .


Mohelnice was an independent municipality in the Ore Mountains . It was the neighboring community of Fürstenau , Müglitz and Adolfsgrün . The altitude was 726  m nm


Böhmisch Müglitz was a village in the area of ​​the source streams of the river Müglitz . Sächsisch Müglitz (today only Müglitz ) was located just north of the border between Bohemia and Saxony . Over the centuries the place developed as a unit, with the Saxon part being the smaller part of the place. Böhmisch Müglitz made up two thirds, there were 26 houses with 88 inhabitants. Wealthier farmers lived there than in the German part of the village. Their houses no longer had thatched roofs early on. From the border crossing to the mosquito turret stood nine restaurants that also lived on tourists.

From 1945, the German population from Mohelnice, as was Bohemian Müglitz now called, displaced . After that the place was practically without inhabitants.

In the 1950s, the vacant but still preserved settlement was razed to the ground with tanks. Older Müglitzer can still remember it. As young people, you watched what was happening across the border. The customs house, which was built with bombproof concrete in the 1930s, offered particular resistance. Only after a fire was it so brittle that it gave way to the tanks.

Remains of cellars or bridges over the source streams of the Müglitz can still be found in the area today (2016).

Development of the population

year population
1869 144
1880 158
1890 130
1900 141
year population
1910 114
1921 89
1930 99
1950 0


  • Hermann Löscher : The story of Fürstenau
  • Pastor Siedel: Festschrift on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Fürstenau church tower

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Coordinates: 50 ° 44 '  N , 13 ° 52'  E