Anton Brus von Müglitz

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Anton Brus von Müglitz
The inn in Müglitz is reminiscent of the personality of Antonín Brus in his hometown

Anton Brus von Müglitz (Czech: Antonín Brus z Mohelnice , born February 13, 1518 in Müglitz , † August 28, 1580 in Prague ) was Bishop of Vienna and Archbishop of Prague .


Brus studied in Prague and Krakow , then entered the order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star and was ordained a priest in 1541. The young clergyman volunteered to fight the Turks in Hungary and was from 1542-1545 chaplain to the troops of the Moravian general Jindrich Meziříčský z Lomnice. After the armistice, Brus was active as a pastor in Bohemian religious parishes. In 1552 he was elected Grand Master of the Lords of the Cross. When the Turkish war broke out again, Emperor Ferdinand I appointed him supreme field chaplain and vicar general for the imperial troops.

Bishop of Vienna

In 1558 Brus was appointed Bishop of Vienna and at the same time worked as a spiritual and ecclesiastical advisor at the imperial court.

Archbishop of Prague

Because of his abilities, but also because he was able to live on the income of the Order of the Cross, Ferdinand I decided in 1561 to raise Anton Brus von Müglitz to Archbishop of Prague . After more than 140 years of vacancy since the Hussite storms , Brus was the first archbishop of the Bohemian metropolis. His task was to renew the diocese administration and to restore the reputation of the Catholic faith in the predominantly utraquist and Protestant Bohemia. The archbishop saw his most important sphere of activity in the reform of the customs of the clergy and the people. He rejected coercion and persecution as a means of converting heretics.

The emperor also placed the Utraquists and their consistory under the archbishopric's jurisdiction , which they initially responded to because Brus advocated certain concessions to them. The Utraquists had their priests consecrated by the archbishop, but refused to have their clergy checked by the diocesan authorities for Catholic teaching.

From 1562 he participated as an imperial legate and orator at the Council of Trent , where he also pushed for a compromise with the (old) -Utraquists and in 1564 was able to at least get them approved for communion in the cup , which was later banned by the Holy See. Subsequently, the Archbishop of Prague could no longer prevent most of the Utraquists from finally turning to Protestantism. From 1573 onwards he no longer made any ordinations of Hussite priests.

Anton Brus von Müglitz was in contact with various Catholic reformers, for example his Moravian compatriot Johann Leisentrit , who worked in Bautzen . The archbishop died in Prague and was buried in St. Vitus Cathedral.


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