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The Dickte is in the typography the width of a letter , including the pros and Nachbreite ( meat ). In addition, the term is still out of date as a sawn timber thickness between veneer (up to 5 mm) and board (from 15 mm).

Thick in typography

Thicker for individual letters

The thickness defines the minimum distance between two letters in a word that can be achieved without kerning . The Dicktenwert is determined by subtracting from a square , the square is assumed, which is divided into a certain number of units (for example, fonts from Linotype in 54 units). The thickness value of a letter corresponds to the number of units it occupies in the square.

Fonts in which every character has the same thickness value are called fonts with the same thickness or monospace fonts , such as Courier , Andale Mono and various typewriter fonts . These fonts are recommended for programming or number representations, where each character should occupy the same horizontal space.

In contrast, there are fonts in which not every character has the same weight - these are proportional fonts such as Times or Verdana .


  • "Proportional font"
  • " Monospaced font " (in HTML with <tt>…</tt>possible)

Thickened in the timber industry

Thick ones are wooden strips or panels that are planed to the exact height or milled with knives. The machines for their production are known as thickness planer or thickness planer : a machine with a body in which a roller with knives rotates above the panels, which are used to precisely reduce the height of the wood, and the height-adjustable panels for the inlet and outlet side. The wood is placed on one plate. Then the wood is pulled through the archway under the knife roller in a synchronized manner, processed with the knives and given to the other storage plate behind the passage. This creates a very precise height (thickness or thickness) of the wood. The parameters of such machines are the passage width, maximum workpiece height and maximum material removal per pass.

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