Garbage fishermen

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The Bremerhaven garbage fishermen are an amateur cabaret from Bremerhaven that is playing in its 38th season in 2018.

The garbage Fischer (short Müfi ) are 1980 players emerged from the boys Stage Bremerhaven . This stage played since 1965 under the direction of Hans Daiminger.

The head, director and copywriter of the Müfis has been the school principal Helene Daiminger since the group was founded. In the run-up to Christmas 1981, the full-length performance Schöne Bescherung was performed for the first time in the community hall on Heidschulweg in Leherheide with Helene Daiminger, the lawyer Hilde Adolf (SPD), the teacher Manfred Richter (FDP) and Holger Ryfisch

The members are currently (as of 2011): Gerd Blancke, Hannes Daiminger, Eva Erkenberg, Jan Hoheisel, Marianne Klitzka, Sabine Miedlich, Reinhard Rehwinkel, Manfred Richter and Wolfgang Weiss. The politician and senator Hilde Adolf was one of the members from 1981 to 1998. Other former members included Holger Ryfisch and the banker Uwe Requart.

The garbage fishermen play from January to March in Bremerhaven in the parish hall of the Lukaskirche in Leherheide and in the large house of the city theater. Her topics are politics and other " niggles " in the seaside town of Bremerhaven, small and large politics in Bremen, in Germany and the many small and large adversities in life. After the entire performance was played in the Haifischbar in 2008 , it was a wedding palace in 2009 , a fairground in 2010 and in 2011 the dream hotel voter happiness . In 2012 a museum will then provide the framework for the many large and small scenes, because: "What does it mean here, ready for museum?"

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