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MakeIndex is a program that creates a sorted index from unsorted raw data . The index also contains awards. MakeIndex can process raw data from various programs, but is mainly used with LaTeX and with troff .

MakeIndex was written by Pehong Chen around 1988 in the C programming language and is free software .

German sorting

With the -g switch , MakeIndex can sort the data according to DIN 5007-2 (German telephone book sorting). With this option the letters ä, ö, ü and ß must be entered according to the conventions of the LaTeX package german.sty ( "a , " o , "u and " s ).

However, a separate style file must then be included using the -s option , since "has a different meaning by default in MakeIndex. If this is forgotten, the error message" Option -g invalid, quote character must be different from '"'. ".

Under Windows with MiKTeX 2.9 installed in the standard path , the call must then look like this (the index file is called " idx0.idx "): makeindex -g -s "C: \ Programs \ MiKTeX 2.9 \ makeindex \ german \" idx0

In this case the umlauts can also be entered as ä, ö, ü, but this depends on the style file and other settings or packages loaded under TeX / LaTeX .

German sorting is available, but sorting cannot be configured as desired. A more flexible index program is xindy by Joachim Schrod.


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