Eugène Chaboud

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Eugène Chaboud
Eugène Chaboud 1938
Nation: FranceFrance France
Automobile world championship
First start: Belgian Grand Prix 1950
Last start: 1951 French Grand Prix
1950-1951 Talbot
World Cup balance: WM-20. ( 1950 )
Starts Victories Poles SR
3 - - -
World Cup points : 1
Podiums : -
Leadership laps : -
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Eugène Marius Chaboud (born April 12, 1907 in Lyon , † December 28, 1983 in Montfermeil ) was a French Formula 1 and sports car racing driver .


The son of a businessman started out as a promising athlete . By meeting with Jean Trémoulet infected but it joins the "Motorsportbazillus" of the 1930s, so he age of 29 in a 1936 Delahaye graduated sports car its first car race. The following year Chaboud denied several mountain races and debuted on the side Tremoulets in Le Mans . In Montlhéry he achieved his first victory in a hill climb. 1938 his fledgling career already reached a climax when a Delahaye he returned to the side of its discoverer the prestigious 24-hour race at Le Mans decided for themselves and in Chamonix - rally on a Lancia with a victory his versatility demonstrated posed. In 1939 he was hired by Ecurie France , whose trust he justified with a victory in the road race between Paris and Nice .

In the first race on French soil after the Second World War , Chaboud proved his class in the underpowered Delahaye with third place in the Coupe des Prisonniers 1945 in the Bois de Boulogne behind Jean-Pierre Wimille and Raymond Sommer . In 1946 he won another sports car race with the Belgian Grand Prix and was finally  French sports car champion on Delahaye and Talbot - again for Ecurie France . When his racing team separated from Delahaye, he switched to Ecurie Lutetia and stayed with his brand. But up to 1949 this resulted in only moderate success; because the Delahayes were no longer competitive, so that Chaboud withdrew more to his work as a car dealership, but still contested Le Mans and in 1950 at the Monte Carlo Rally on a Simca was second behind Louis Rosier .

In the newly formed Formula 1, Chaboud drove three Grand Prix races on a Talbot Lago in 1950 and 1951 . He achieved his best placement in fifth at the French Grand Prix in Reims in 1950 , when he shared the steering wheel of a Talbot with Philippe Étancelin , as the regulations allowed at the time.

He then turned back to sports car racing. But in 1952 he was involved in an accident at Le Mans in which he was trapped under the vehicle. He then decided to give up motorsport and only drove a few rallies until 1953. Then he devoted himself entirely to his business. Chaboud was one of the few semi-professional drivers of that era who made it into private life in time without a serious accident.


Statistics in the automobile world championship

general overview

season team chassis engine run Victories Second Third Poles nice
Race laps
Points WM-Pos.
1950 Ecurie Lutetia Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot 4.5 L6 1 - - - - - 1 20th
Team Philippe Etancelin Talbot-Lago T26C-DA Talbot 4.5 L6 1 - - - - -
1951 Team Eugène Chaboud Talbot-Lago T26C-GS Talbot 4.5 L6 1 - - - - - - NC
total 3 - - - - - 1

Single results

season 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th
1950 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of the United States (1912-1959) .svg Flag of Switzerland within 2to3.svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Italy.svg
1951 Flag of Switzerland within 2to3.svg Flag of the United States (1912-1959) .svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Spain (1945–1977) .svg
colour abbreviation meaning
gold - victory
silver - 2nd place
bronze - 3rd place
green - Placement in the points
blue - Classified outside the point ranks
violet DNF Race not finished (did not finish)
NC not classified
red DNQ did not qualify
DNPQ failed in pre-qualification (did not pre-qualify)
black DSQ disqualified
White DNS not at the start (did not start)
WD withdrawn
Light Blue PO only participated in the training (practiced only)
TD Friday test driver
without DNP did not participate in the training (did not practice)
INJ injured or sick
EX excluded
DNA did not arrive
C. Race canceled
  no participation in the World Cup
other P / bold Pole position
SR / italic Fastest race lap
* not at the finish,
but counted due to the distance covered
() Streak results
underlined Leader in the overall standings

Le Mans results

year team vehicle Teammate placement Failure reason
1937 FranceFrance Eugène Chaboud Delahaye 135CS FranceFrance Jean Trémoulet failure accident
1938 FranceFrance Eugène Chaboud Delahaye 135CS FranceFrance Jean Trémoulet Overall victory
1939 FranceFrance Ecurie Francia Delahaye 135CS FranceFrance Yves Giraud-Cabantous failure malfunction
1949 FranceFrance Charles Pozzi Delahaye 175CS FranceFrance Charles Pozzi failure Fire
1951 FranceFrance Eugène Chaboud Talbot Lago T26GS FranceFrance Lucien Vincent failure cooler
1952 FranceFrance Eugène Chaboud Talbot Lago T26GS FranceFrance Charles Pozzi failure accident

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