1945 Grand Prix season

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Winner in Paris: Jean-Pierre Wimille

The Second World War had hardly come to an end when the first hesitant attempts to carry out car races again began in Europe . The 1945 Grand Prix season only consisted of one major automobile race: the Coupe des Prisonniers.

Coupe des Prisonniers - Bois de Boulogne

space driver team time
1 FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Wimille Bugatti 1: 03,33.3 h
2 FranceFrance Raymond Summers Talbot + 1.20.0 min
3 FranceFrance Eugène Chaboud Delahaye + 3 rounds
4th FranceFrance Henri Trillaud Delahaye + 4 rounds
5 FranceFrance Marcel Balsa Bugatti + 5 rounds
6th FranceFrance Joseph Chotard Delahaye + 6 rounds
7th FranceFrance Louis Villeneuve Delahaye + 9 rounds
DNF FranceFrance Maurice Trintignant Bugatti
DNF FranceFrance Raymond de Saugé Bugatti
DNF FranceFrance Paul Friederich Bugatti
DNF FranceFrance Georges Grignard Delahaye
DNF FranceFrance Philippe Étancelin Alfa Romeo
DNF BelgiumBelgium Émile Cornet Delahaye
DNF FranceFrance Roger Wormser Delahaye
DNF FranceFrance Louis Gérard Maserati
DNF FranceFrance Pierre Levegh Talbot

The first post-war races were held in the Bois de Boulogne Park in Paris on September 9, 1945, three in all in different vehicle classes.

Most of the attention was drawn to the race in the Grand Prix class, the Coupe des Prisonniers: 16 drivers competed in vehicles that had survived the war hidden somewhere. However, the French stayed among themselves in the starting field. The race led over 43 laps of the 2.826 km long track. Overall, the race led over a distance of 121.52 km.

Jean-Pierre Wimille became the first Grand Prix winner after 1939.

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