1951 Spanish Grand Prix

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Flag of Spain (1945–1977) .svg 1951 Spanish Grand Prix
Racing data
8th of 8 races in the 1951 World Automobile Championship
Route profile
Surname: XI Gran Premio de Espana
Date: October 28, 1951
Place: Barcelona
Course: Barcelona
Length: 442.12 km in 70 laps of 6.316 km

Weather: hot
Pole position
Driver: ItalyItaly Alberto Ascari ItalyItaly Ferrari
Time: 2: 10.59 min
Fastest lap
Driver: ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo
Time: 2: 16.930 min (lap 3)
First: ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo
Second: ArgentinaArgentina José Froilán González ItalyItaly Ferrari
Third: ItalyItaly Giuseppe Farina ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo

The 1951 Spanish Grand Prix took place on October 28th at the Circuit de Pedralbes near Barcelona and was the eighth and final race of the 1951 World Cup .



Before the last race, Juan Manuel Fangio (27 points) and Alberto Ascari (25 points) had a good chance of winning the world title. Both would be world champions if they won the race, regardless of the competitor's ranking. If Ascari wins and Fangio is second, the latter could only achieve a maximum of 29 points due to the deleted results (if he also turned the fastest lap), Ascari would have 30 points if he won because the points from France would be deleted. If González wins if his two competitors fail at the same time, he would be more the new champion thanks to a third place.

Both Italian works teams competed with four cars each. The driver line-up did not offer any surprises. De Graffenried drove the fourth Alfa Romeo for the still injured Sanesi , while Ferrari gave the fourth vehicle to Taruffi . Alfa Romeo had installed an additional pedal-operated flap on the Fangios car, which supplied the compressor with more air and further increased the power on the straight. Gordini started with 3 works cars that were driven by the French drivers Trintignant , Manzon and Simon . The field was supplemented by a number of privately registered Talbot-Lago and Scuderia Milano , which used two local drivers ( Godia-Sales and Jover ) in outdated Maseratis .


In practice, the Alfa Romeo and the Ferrari were roughly equal. Ascari was fastest in the Ferrari ahead of Fangio in the Alfa, González in the Ferrari and Farina in the Alfa Romeo.


Ascari was able to stay in the lead for the first three laps, then he was ousted by Fangio. From the sixth lap it became clear that Ferrari had made a mistake in choosing tires. One after the other, all drivers came to the pits with more or less major tire problems. It turned out that the idea of ​​installing smaller 16-inch rear tires in order to achieve more acceleration and thus not be distanced from the Alfa Romeo on the long straight resulted in the tires overheating and not lasting long. In addition, the Ferrari had installed larger tanks in order to be able to drive through the race without refueling, which increased the weight of the vehicles in the initial phase.

This gave Fangio a comfortable lead. Ascari spun on the ninth lap and fell back to sixth place due to the subsequent pit stop. The Alfa Romeos' pit stops went smoothly and they maintained their leading position over the now best-placed Ferrari from González. On lap 17, Ascari had to have new tires fitted and Taruffi was uninjured on lap 30 when he went off the track due to a defective tire.

On lap 48 Villoresi had to retire due to a defective ignition, leaving González as the only pursuer of the Alfa Romeo. He hoped that he would be able to intercept this with further refueling stops, but when Fangio actually stopped on lap 53, he was still too far behind. However, he managed to pass Farina when she stopped on lap 55. He continued to catch up with Fangio, but was unable to catch up with him until the end of the race. Fangio won the last race of the season and at the same time secured his first of five drivers' titles. It would also be Alfa Romeo's last World Championship race for almost 30 years.

Registration list

team No. driver chassis engine tires
ItalyItaly Scuderia Ferrari 2 ItalyItaly Alberto Ascari Ferrari 375 Ferrari P
4th ItalyItaly Luigi Villoresi
6th ArgentinaArgentina José Froilán González
8th ItalyItaly Piero Taruffi
FranceFrance Gordini 12 FranceFrance Maurice Trintignant Gordini Type 15GC Gordini E.
14th FranceFrance Robert Manzon
16 FranceFrance André Simon
ThailandThailand Ecurie Siam 18th ThailandThailand B.Bira Maserati 4CLT Maserati P
ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo Motorsport 20th ItalyItaly Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo 159 Alfa Romeo P
22nd ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio
24 ItalyItaly Felice Bonetto
26th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Emmanuel de Graffenried
FranceFrance Ecurie Rosier 28 FranceFrance Louis Rosier Talbot-Lago T26C-DA Talbot D.
30th MonacoMonaco Louis Chiron
FranceFrance Team Yves Giraud-Cabantous 32 FranceFrance Yves Giraud-Cabantous Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot D.
FranceFrance Team Philippe Etancelin 34 FranceFrance Philippe Étancelin Talbot-Lago T26C-DA Talbot D.
BelgiumBelgium Ecurie Belge 36 BelgiumBelgium Johnny Claes Talbot-Lago T26C-DA Talbot D.
FranceFrance Team Georges Grignard 38 FranceFrance Georges Grignard Talbot-Lago T26C-DA Talbot D.
ItalyItaly Scuderia Milano 44 Spain 1945Spain Francisco Godia-Sales Maserati 4CLT Maserati P
46 Spain 1945Spain Juan Jover


Starting grid

Item driver constructor time Starting row
1. ItalyItaly Alberto Ascari ItalyItaly Ferrari 2: 10.590 1
2. ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 2: 12.270 1
3. ArgentinaArgentina José Froilán González ItalyItaly Ferrari 2: 14.010 1
4th ItalyItaly Giuseppe Farina ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 2: 14.940 1
5. ItalyItaly Luigi Villoresi ItalyItaly Ferrari 2: 16.380 2
6th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Emmanuel de Graffenried ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 2: 16,400 2
7th ItalyItaly Piero Taruffi ItalyItaly Ferrari 2: 16.800 2
8th. ItalyItaly Felice Bonetto ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 2: 21.800 3
9. FranceFrance Robert Manzon FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 2: 23.810 3
10. FranceFrance André Simon FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 2: 24,600 3
11. FranceFrance Maurice Trintignant FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 2: 25.250 3
12. MonacoMonaco Louis Chiron FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 30.320 4th
13. FranceFrance Philippe Étancelin FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 31,000 4th
14th FranceFrance Yves Giraud-Cabantous FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 32.180 4th
15th BelgiumBelgium Johnny Claes FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 34.460 5
16. FranceFrance Georges Grignard FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 36.580 5
17th Spain 1945Spain Francisco Godia-Sales ItalyItaly Maserati 2: 37.450 5
18th Spain 1945Spain Juan Jover ItalyItaly Maserati 2: 41.990 DNS
19th ThailandThailand B.Bira ItalyItaly Maserati 2: 45.990 6th
20th FranceFrance Louis Rosier FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 2: 46.780 6th

Race result

Item driver constructor Round time km / h Fastest lap guide
1. ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 70 2: 46: 54,100 158.74 2: 16.930 67
2. ArgentinaArgentina José Froilán González ItalyItaly Ferrari 70 2: 47: 48.380 157.88
3. ItalyItaly Giuseppe Farina ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 70 2: 48: 39.640 157.08
4th ItalyItaly Alberto Ascari ItalyItaly Ferrari 68 2: 47: 06,200 154.02 3
5. ItalyItaly Felice Bonetto ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 68 2: 47: 46.700 153.40
6th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Emmanuel de Graffenried ItalyItaly Alfa Romeo 66 2: 49: 05,200 147.73
7th FranceFrance Louis Rosier FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 64 2: 47: 27,100 144.65 2: 32.570
8th. FranceFrance Philippe Étancelin FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 63 2: 47: 07,200 142.68 2: 34.590
9. FranceFrance Robert Manzon FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 63 2: 48: 16,200 141.70
10. Spain 1945Spain Francisco Godia-Sales ItalyItaly Maserati 60 2: 49: 06,600 134.28
DNF ItalyItaly Luigi Villoresi ItalyItaly Ferrari 48 ignition
DNF FranceFrance André Simon FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 48 engine
DNF BelgiumBelgium Johnny Claes FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 37 accident 2: 26,000
DNF ItalyItaly Piero Taruffi ItalyItaly Ferrari 30th lost wheel
DNF FranceFrance Maurice Trintignant FranceFrance Simca-Gordini 25th engine
DNF FranceFrance Georges Grignard FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 23 engine 2: 41,100
DNF FranceFrance Yves Giraud-Cabantous FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 7th engine 2: 40.260
DNF MonacoMonaco Louis Chiron FranceFrance Talbot-Lago 4th ignition 2: 33.220
DNF ThailandThailand B.Bira ItalyItaly Maserati 1 engine
DNS Spain 1945Spain Juan Jover ItalyItaly Maserati

World Championship status after the race (final score)

The first five got 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2 points respectively; there was a point for the fastest lap. Only the four best results from eight races count. * includes the point for the fastest lap, fields marked in the same color indicate a vehicle pick-up (point sharing) and numbers in brackets are deleted results.

Item driver constructor Flag of Switzerland within 2to3.svg Flag of the United States (1912-1959) .svg Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Spain (1945–1977) .svg Points
1. ArgentinaArgentina Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 9 * (1*) (5 *) 6th 7 * 9 * 31 (37)
2. ItalyItaly Alberto Ascari Ferrari 6th (3) 8th 8th 3 25 (28)
3. ArgentinaArgentina José Froilán González Ferrari (3) 8th 4th 6th 6th 24 (27)
4th ItalyItaly Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo 4th 8th (2) (1*) 3 * 4th 19 (22)
5. ItalyItaly Luigi Villoresi Alfa Romeo 4th 4th 4th 3 (3) 15 (18)
6th ItalyItaly Piero Taruffi Ferrari 6th 2 2 10
7th United StatesUnited States Lee Wallard Kurti's power 9 * 9
8th. ItalyItaly Felice Bonetto Alfa Romeo 3 2 2 7th
9. United StatesUnited States Mike Nazaruk Kurti's power 6th 6th
10. United KingdomUnited Kingdom Reg Parnell Ferrari 3 5
11. ItalyItaly Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo 4th 4th
12. ItalyItaly Consalvo Sanesi Alfa Romeo 3 3
United StatesUnited States Andy Linden Sherman 3 3
FranceFrance Louis Rosier Talbot 3 3
15th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Emmanuel de Graffenried Alfa Romeo 2 2
United StatesUnited States Bobby Ball Schroeder 2 2
United StatesUnited States Jack McGrath Kurti's power 2 2
United StatesUnited States Manuel Ayulo Kurti's power 2 2
FranceFrance Yves Giraud-Cabantous Talbot 2 2

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