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Mandakranta Sen ( Bengali : মন্দাক্রান্তা সেন , Mandākrāntā Sen; born September 15, 1972 in Kolkata , West Bengal ) is an Indian poet.

From 1991 to 1997 she studied medicine, but dropped out shortly before her final examination in order to concentrate fully on her writing. In addition to several volumes of poetry, she has published several novels, short stories, verse dramas and essays in her native Bengali language. At the age of 27 she won the Ananda Puraskar in 1999 as the youngest poet to date . In 2004 she received the Golden Jubilee Young Writers' Award from the Indian Academy of Literature ( Sahitya Akademi ). In spring 2006 she gave numerous readings in Germany at the Leipzig Book Fair and in October / November of the same year.

Alongside Mallika Sengupta , she is considered to be one of the Bengali-speaking poets in India who, in the decades around the turn of the millennium, attracted attention with a feminist agenda and wrote against the patriarchal discourse.

Volumes of poetry

  • Mandakranta Sen: Everything under the sign of the night. Poems from Bengal. Heidelberg: Draupadi Verlag 2006, ISBN 3-937603-09-3 .

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