Mare humorum

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Mare humorum
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Mare Humorum (Moon Equatorial Region)
Mare humorum
position 24.48 °  S , 38.57 °  W Coordinates: 24 ° 28 '48 "  S , 38 ° 34' 12"  W.
diameter 420 km
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The Mare Humorum ( Latin for "sea of ​​moisture") is a low plain of the earth's moon .

It is located on the side of the moon facing the earth at the selenographic coordinates 24 ° S; 39 ° W and has a mean diameter of 420 km.

The rock of the Mare is around 3.9 billion years old. The basalt layer is sometimes over 3 km thick. In the north it borders on the Gassendi crater , which at the time was considered as a possible landing site for Apollo 17 .

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