Mary of Peace (Groß Vahlberg)

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Former Church (2013)

Maria vom Frieden , colloquially also known as Maria Frieden for short , is a former Catholic church in Groß Vahlberg . Most recently it belonged to the parish of St. Joseph with its seat in Schöppenstedt in the Diocese of Hildesheim . The church was named after the Marian title Queen of Peace and was located at 6 Vorwerk Street .


The building was built in the 1930s as a dairy acceptance point, and during World War II it served as a warehouse for prisoners of war. Since the number of Catholics in the area around Schöppenstedt had increased significantly after 1945 due to the settlement of refugees and displaced persons, the parish vicarie Groß Vahlberg, belonging to the curate of St. Joseph (Schöppenstedt) , was built in 1950 and the building was bought by the church. In the same year a priest settled in Groß Vahlberg. On October 13, 1951, the Church of Mary of Peace in the building was consecrated by Bishop Joseph Godehard Machens as a branch church of the Schöppenstedt Curate. In 1982 the last local priest left Groß Vahlberg, after which the church was also looked after by the pastor from Schöppenstedt. The last Holy Mass was held in the church in the fall of 1997 , and in 1998 the building was sold to private customers. Today the Church of St. Joseph in Schöppenstedt, about 6 km away, is the closest Catholic church.

Architecture and equipment

The church was established in an existing building that is around 99 meters above sea level . In kreuzbekrönten small roof skylights , a was bell . On the back wall behind the simple table-shaped altar was a statue of the Virgin Mary with a halo . A window also depicted Mary.

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Coordinates: 52 ° 8 '24.6 "  N , 10 ° 41' 57.1"  E