Marine HJ

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Navy HJ train with an advertisement for HJ homes (1933)
Marine Hitler Youth who appeared next to Karl Dönitz and Artur Axmann
Marine Hitler Youth visiting a submarine

The Marine HJ was a special formation within the Hitler Youth like the news , motor and aviator HJ and the game groups . It was used to train the next generation of the Navy , later it was to provide the necessary replacement for them. With a view to the desired war goal of the National Socialists , the 'German maritime regime' was to be anchored ideologically and, after an alleged final victory, the graduates were to be consulted to build up the necessary merchant fleet.

The Navy HJ was set up in 1935 as an independent special formation and Vice Admiral ret. D. Adolf von Trotha appointed honorary leader by the Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach . The naval officers Helmut Leißner , Georg Roedenbeck and Hans-Karl Loewer held the actual leadership and thus had a close relationship with the Navy. The posts in the naval HJ were often occupied by members of the Reichsbannes Maritime Shipping and the Reichsbannes inland shipping .

From 1935 there were two in Prieros ( Brandenburg ) and Seemoos ( Lake Constance ), and in 1943 there were a total of six Reichsseesportschulen. The content of the training courses was determined by the requirements of the Navy.


Individual evidence

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