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Schematic representation of the loops of a knitted fabric

As a knitted fabric are textile fabrics or textile spatial structure referred to in which a means of thread formed loop is hineingeschlungen in another loop. The resulting stitches can be formed using one or more threads.

This differentiates knitted goods from woven fabrics , in which the surface is produced by crossing two thread systems, and from nonwovens , in which a loose fiber pile is consolidated by heat, for example. Compared to woven fabrics, knitted fabrics are characterized by greater stretchability, elasticity and, as a result, less creasing.

When it comes to knitted fabrics, a distinction is made between knitted fabrics and knitted fabrics . The preparation of the knitting is carried out in Einfadentechnik (knitwear and Weft ) or in Kettfadentechnik (multifilamentary product as a warp knit fabric and a warp knit ).

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