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A machine ring (MR) is an association in which farms come together to share agricultural and forestry machinery and to place agricultural workers in the event of overcapacity. The individual associations can be organized as an association or as a cooperative .

Erich Geiersberger founded the first organization of this kind in Buchhofen, Bavaria, in 1958 .

The machine rings have made it their task to strengthen the idea of ​​solidarity between the member companies. Against this background, the machine rings now also offer their agricultural businesses assistance in the economic and social area. The machine rings thus promote rural areas and make an important contribution to strengthening agriculture. In some cases, they also receive state funding for their work.

There are also agricultural contractors and private cooperations in agriculture that do similar things. The machine rings also often have commercial subsidiaries that directly offer services similar to those of the contractors.

There are machine rings in Germany, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Japan.

The machine rings in Germany are basically registered associations that are organized in the federal states through state associations. At the federal level, the Bundesverband der Maschinenringe e. V. (BMR) the umbrella organization. The economic branch of the federal association is the Maschinenringe Deutschland GmbH.

In Austria, the largest sales (around 80%) are still achieved through machine rental. In addition, services are also offered for non-agricultural businesses, such as green space maintenance or winter services. Services such as the operation of bio-energy systems are also increasingly being added. The individual associations organized on a cooperative basis are brought together as an umbrella organization via regional associations in the federal association. This is registered as an association. In Austria, civilian service can also be done at the Maschinenring.

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