Mash (lining)

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As Mash is called a feed supplement for horses . It is a dietetic food with slightly laxative effect.

Mash is offered by the feed industry in numerous compositions and qualities. However, you can also make it yourself. One possible recipe includes:

The flaxseed meal is soaked the day before feeding , boiled again with water the next day and then mixed well with the bran and oats to make a thick paste. Mash is always fed lukewarm. The finished mixtures are usually only poured with hot water (boiling is usually no longer necessary), steeped for 10-15 minutes and allowed to cool.

Mash is used as additional feed for horses that are changing their hair, for sick and weak horses, for lactating mares or for above-average demands, for example in the tournament and hunting season. Mash is also ideal for horses with digestive disorders, as it is very gentle on the stomach and has a stomach-relaxing effect.