Megacles (Archon)

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The Athenian Megakles ( Greek  Μεγακλῆς ) (2nd half of the 7th century BC) was a statesman from the Alkmaioniden family . He was the father of Alkmaion , the first Athenian winner in the Olympic chariot race, and the grandfather of Megacles , the father of Kleisthenes .

Megakles was 636 or 632 BC. As Archon of Athens involved in the suppression of Kylon , who had attempted a coup d'état, and instigated the slaughter of the followers of Kylon, who had already surrendered. For this crime he was accused by Myron from Phlya and sentenced by a court of 300 representatives of the leading families of Athens and his relatives to banishment, the deceased members of the family were removed from their graves. The guilt thus charged on the family of the Alkmaionids was atoned for by the temporary banishment, but even after more than 200 years it clung to the Alkmaionids and was used as a political weapon against them.

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