Master of Sports

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Master of Sports is an honorary title in sports .


The honorary title "Master of Sports" was awarded to successful athletes in the GDR from 1954 to 1989 in the GDR as a state award. Non-governmental predecessors of this honor were the needle master of the democratic sports movement (1950), the master needle of the German Democratic Republic (1951/52) and the badge Meister des Sports (1953).

The achievements or successes and championships on an international scale specified in the sports classification (GDR) , possession of the sports badge in silver and social activities had to be achieved for this award . From 1963, due to the international success of the GDR athletes, increased requirements came into force. In addition to the condition of multiple gaining of the GDR championship title (three times in a row or five times out of sequence), there was also evidence of significant international success in various sports .

The honorary title was given on the proposal of the DTSB and the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport on behalf of the Council of Ministers of the GDR by the State Secretary for Physical Culture and Sport in the form of a certificate and medal (with a portrait of Werner Seelenbinder on the front ; the inscription Meister des Sports ).

In contrast to the title “ Honored Master of Sports ”, the title of “Master of Sports” could only be acquired once.

Soviet Union, Romania, Russia

This title had its equivalent in the Soviet sports system as мастер спорта СССР (Master Sporta SSSR) and in Romanian as Maestru al sportului . He is awarded today in the Russian Federation as Мастер спорта России ( Master Sporta Rossiji ). The preliminary stage of the title was a candidate for master of sport.


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