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Meteoritics & Planetary Science (MAPS) is an English language international and non-commercial science journal and the main organ of the Meteoritical Society . This is also the editor.

The topics covered include a. Asteroids , comets , impact craters , interplanetary dust , interstellar medium, lunar rocks , meteors , meteorites , natural satellites , planets , tektites , as well as the origin and history of the solar system . The journal also offers a central forum for research on related topics in the fields of astronomy , biology , chemistry , geology and physics . The most important MAPS publication for many scientists is an annual supplement, the Meteoritical Bulletin , with catalogs, inventories and routine descriptions of new meteorites. This bulletin with the lists of all submitted and classified new finds and cases checked and approved by the Nomenclature Committee is the standard reference work for the inventory and the nomenclature of all meteorites.

Like other science journals, MAPS follows a four-eyes principle when publishing articles submitted . All articles, reports and comments are proofread and checked by recognized experts in the author's specialty and by the editor-in-chief prior to publication. Submitted articles are assessed under the aspect of scientific originality, the suitability of the topic in the context of the journal and their value for the scientific discourse. At MAPS, this review process usually takes one month. If the author wishes to have colored graphics printed, this can be done at his own expense.

MAPS was first published in 1953 and today has subscribers in 44 countries, 55% of readers are based outside the United States. The journal appears in 12 issues per year and the annual subscription costs around 1,000 USD for scientific institutes. However, private individuals can obtain the journal at a much lower price through membership in the Meteoritical Society. The current editor-in-chief of MAPS is cosmochemist AJ Timothy Jull of the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.


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