Military Research Office

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The Military Research Office was an authority subordinate to the Prussian War Ministry and headquartered in Berlin , which was supposed to advise and support the Prussian army in "all chemical and physical questions in the field of shooting and blasting technology". It emerged in 1897 from the Central Research Center for Explosives , founded in 1889 , which was an authority with independent administration from 1893 and was renamed the Research Center for Explosives in 1896 .

The Military Research Office was divided into two chemical , one physical and, from 1902, a mechanical-technical department. The scientific staff and engineers were employed as civil servants until 1905 , after which they were employed as a military civil servant with the rank of officer . Before the First World War, the number of employees was 61, including 16 scientists, and increased to around 230 during the war, including 52 scientists. Activities mainly included development, material testing and consulting in the field of explosives .

After the end of the war, the Reichsanstalt Chemical and Technical Institute emerged from the Military Research Office in April 1920. It was subordinate to the Reich Ministry of the Interior and was a forerunner of the currently existing Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing .