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A certain rank of diplomatic representatives was designated as Minister- Resident .


Diplomatic relations between states have long been maintained through envoys sent from one ruler to another. It was not until the 16th century that the type of permanent diplomatic representative emerged with the Minister-Resident.

At the Congress of Vienna , the protocol of March 19, 1815, agreed on regulations governing the classes and the rank of the actual ambassadors.

  1. Ambassadors , grand ambassadors , papal legates ( legati de or a latere ) and nuncios
  2. Diplomats certified with the title of Internuntius , envoy or minister to the foreign sovereign (envoyés, ministres ou autres accrédités auprès des souverains)
  3. Ministres résidents
  4. Chargé d'affaires

The Vienna Convention of 1961, which is decisive today, no longer recognizes the class of resident ministers, only the other three.

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