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Danny Ross - You're the One, 1956

Minor Records was an American record label from Houston , Texas . It was founded in 1956 and primarily focused on country music .


Minor was founded in 1956 by brothers Minor and Danny Ross . The first release, Minor 101, is unknown to this day, so the earliest known record is You're the One / I Believe You're True by Danny Ross (Minor 103). With the third release, the label swung to rockabilly through Earl Epps ' Be Bop Blues record .

In the next few years, several more rockabilly and rock'n'roll songs appeared on Minor, including Mickey Gilley's debut single, but most of the releases came from Danny Ross himself, who played around Houston with his band.

After about 17 singles, Minor was discontinued in 1967. The label never had a national hit and is now more widely known due to the rarity of the records. Danny Ross died in 1995.


Catalog number year Artist title
101 1956
102 1956 Danny Ross You're the One
I Believe You're True
103 1956 Earl Epps Be Bop Blues
There's Two of Us Waiting
104 1856 Danny Ross You're Not in Love
Why Did I Doubt You?
105 1957 Danny Ross A Toast to a Broken Heart
Leave Me Alone
106 1957 Mickey Gilley Tell Me Why
Ooh Wee Baby
107 1957/58 Danny Ross Look At You Go
Gold Digger
108 Claude Gray My Tears Are Inside
When The Doorbell Rang
109 1958 Claude Gray Late Again
Barricade Around My Heart
113 1959 Danny Ross The Last Town I Painted
You Finally Walked Out
115 1960 Marshall Ray Walters Willie, Willie, Willie
Your Love
116 1961 Danny Ross The Blues Are No Stranger to Me
You Can't Take It (Unless You Dish It Out)

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