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The image and sound recording of an audiovisual performance of any kind using technical aids such as cameras , tape recorders or similar recording systems is called recording , recording or recording . The finished recording or the finished recording is called a sound recording , film recording or magnetic recording (VTR).

The term “recording” comes from the time of mechanical sound recording ( Edison roller ), in which the sound vibrations were engraved (“cut”) directly into a surface. The English expression "Aircheck" is sometimes used for recordings of radio broadcasts. The term underlines that the program or contribution in question was recorded live, as it was run "on air". Air checks are also used to analyze and optimize radio programs and their content. For legal reasons, all German radio stations record their programs. The “legal recording” is only archived for a few weeks.

The current reports on the radio were also recorded directly on a vinyl record before the tape time .

In Germany, the recording and transmission of private conversations on phonograms is an offense.

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