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A Leica camera around 1960
Automatic camera for observation of game with antenna for transmission of the images

A camera is a phototechnical apparatus that can record static or moving images on photographic film or electronically on magnetic video tape or digital storage medium or transmit them via an interface. "Camera" is used as a short name and synonym for camera .

The term “camera” is derived from camera obscura (Latin for “dark chamber”), the pinhole camera. By inserting a converging lens into the hole, the camera could be made smaller and the image made brighter and sharper. The further development led from the imaging lens, as with the " box ", to the multi-lens optics, the objective . The structure of an analog camera or a digital camera is basically the same. The image is generated by a lens on a film (analog camera) or on an electronic sensor (digital camera) on the opposite camera wall. The shutter release opens the shutter on the lens for a very short time so that the light can pass through the lens and a picture can be taken. The eyes of humans and vertebrates are also, in principle, a camera. The image is generated here by the lens on the light-sensitive retina on the back wall of the eyeball.

Static Images (Photography)

In photography (also still photography), a camera takes individual pictures in analog form on a photographic film or a digital camera takes individual pictures with light sensors and saves them on a storage medium after the analog signal has been digitized .

Moving images (motion picture photography / cinematography)

A film camera records a large number of images on photographic film, which are then to be shown as film on a film projector or on television.

  • A digital cinema camera records a large number of images with an image sensor on the hard drive, which are then to be shown as a film or via a digital cinema projector or on television.
  • As electronic cameras is any device that capture image sequences electronically and record on magnetic tape or other storage devices.
  • A video camera is a recording device in which optical images are converted into electrical signals and recorded on video tape with sound. It can save the images in analog or digital form.
  • A camcorder is a camera with a built-in recorder .
  • FireWire cameras come in the form of still cameras and video cameras that provide digital image and audio data.
  • A video camera is not a camera, but a pure software solution for taking digital images of a computer screen, which are then to be shown as a video .
  • A gamma camera is, among other things, an imaging instrument used in nuclear medicine.

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