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In some German federal states, a mobile special educational service is a support service for the integrative schooling of pupils with special educational needs. The basic idea is to make the specialist expertise of the special school teachers accessible to students with disabilities who are taught in mainstream schools . Some federal states have set up similar services with similar names. Baden-Württemberg describes it as a special educational service, Bavaria as a mobile special educational service (MSD), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as a diagnostic service, Lower Saxony as a mobile service, and Saxony-Anhalt as a mobile special educational diagnostic service (MSDD). Mobile special education services are often attached to special needs schools .


The mobile special education service has three different target groups, depending on the federal state, the pupils with disabilities, parents of pupils with disabilities and teachers who are entrusted with the schooling of pupils with disabilities.

A pupil's entitlement to special educational support is covered by support hours from a special school teacher at the mainstream school. For reasons of equality with students attending a special needs school, the number of extra hours per student is limited. This may only be as high as it would theoretically be expended per student at a special school. Since this is often only a small number of hours, several students are often supported together, so that several consecutive hours of support are possible per week.

The mobile special education service advises teachers at mainstream schools in relation to the creation and adaptation of work materials, but also in relation to pedagogical and educational issues. He also provides information about the compensation for disadvantages and is included in the provision of medical aids .

Parents are advised on a needs-oriented basis; here, too, topics can be compensation for disadvantages or the provision of aids, but also the future of the student's career.

Depending on the federal state, the mobile special education service takes place on the basis of civil service law of the secondment of the special school teacher with a partial deputat to the mainstream school.

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