MoinMoin (software)

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Good Morning

Basic data

developer Jürgen Hermann, Thomas Waldmann
Publishing year July 29, 2000
Current  version 1.9.9
( October 31, 2016 )
Current preliminary version 2.0.0
(December 30, 2015)
operating system cross-platform
programming language python
category Wiki software
License GPL ( Free Software )
German speaking Yes
good Morning

MoinMoin is free wiki software based on PikiPiki and written in the Python programming language . The first version was created in 2000 . The name MoinMoin is an allusion to the North German greeting “ Moin ” as well as the duplication and CamelCase spelling of “WikiWiki”, a synonym for the Hawaiian word “Wiki”.

Python version 2.7.x, which is available for all common operating systems, is required to install MoinMoin; Python 3.x is not yet supported.


Individual evidence

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