Moturoa Islands

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Moturoa Islands
Waters Rangaunu Bay , Pacific Ocean
Geographical location 34 ° 47 ′  S , 173 ° 22 ′  E Coordinates: 34 ° 47 ′  S , 173 ° 22 ′  E
Moturoa Islands (New Zealand)
Moturoa Islands
Number of islands 14th
Main island Moturoa Island and Tuputupungahau Island

The Moturoa Islands are a group of islands north of the Karikari Peninsula on the North Island of New Zealand .


Depending on the definition, the group of islands that begins around 350 m from Cape Karikari and extends to around 5 km northwest of the cape includes 8 or 14 islands or rocks protruding from the water, five of which are mentioned on the map as islands, such as Moturoa Island , Motutapu Island , Sugarloaf Island , Tuputupungahau Island and Rocky Island . Two rocks remote from this island and protruding out of the water are known as Staffa Rock and Black Rock .

The two largest islands in the archipelago are Moturoa Island with a length of a good 1000 m and a maximum width of around 185 m and Tuputupungahau Island with a diagonal spread of 740 m × 438 m.

Administratively, the archipelago belongs to the Far North District of the Northland region and close off Rangaunu Bay to the east.

Flora and fauna

Skinks can be found on the islands , known in New Zealand under the name Robust Skink (Cyclodina alani).


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