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Moulinex Moulinette from the 1970s (Type 32002)
A Moulinette from Tefal with motor block, container, knife and lid individually

The Moulinette ( la Moulinette , literally small mill , from French le moulin: the mill ) is a universal chopper for the kitchen, which was specially developed by Moulinex in 1960 for chopping food. It can chop both dry and moist foods. Originally it was a hand-operated machine or mill made of sheet metal, which was hand-operated by means of a crank, which picked up the material from above and delivered it down into a plate etc.

The current version is a fixed engine block with attached, removable container and knife, with a plastic housing. It is typical of the electric moulinette that the grinding process is started by pressing the lid of the device. Now, since the takeover of both Moulinex and Tefal by SEB , there are also models from Tefal .


The drive unit with motor sets a knife in rotation in a closed container. The drive unit is activated by pressing the cover. A safety lock prevents activation of the device as long as the container is not securely closed and locked. Releasing the button ends the rotation. The grist is both finely chopped and mixed by the rotating knife. Usually an optimal result is achieved by pressing three times, one also speaks of the 1-2-3 principle.


The moulinette can be used to chop almost any food. It is used for chopping individual ingredients such as nuts or herbs, but also for preparing pestos and relishes . Among other things, it is also suitable for pureeing vegetables for the preparation of baby food.

Outside the kitchen, the moulinette is used to prepare samples for scientific research.


The market launch of the Moulinette took place in 1960. In 2002, the production of the Moulinette was discontinued after Moulinex went bankrupt. In 2011, with the reintroduction of Moulinex as a brand, production was resumed.


  • Test result from technology home for the Moulinette Plus: good - very good.
  • Test results from for the Moulinette Plus: Very good.

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