Multiple master fonts

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Multiple master fonts are a variation of the Postscript Type1 format . They have the addition "MM" in the font name. In contrast to the usual individual styles of a font (e.g. regular, italic, bold and bold italic), multiple master fonts allow the user to generate any variations of a font. The properties that can be changed differ from font to font - typical are, for example, line width, width of the letters and optical sizes. Some fonts can even generate intermediate levels from Antiqua and Grotesque . The user can set the desired properties using slide controls and generate a font instance from this, which can then be used in the application programs like a regular font.

Multiple master fonts never caught on on a broad front and are no longer developed or sold by Adobe itself, but retain a certain importance as a flexible replacement font in Adobe Reader. In Mac OS X , multiple master fonts are still supported, but you can no longer generate arbitrary instances from the application.

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