Pronator quadratus muscle

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Pronator quadratus muscle
Muscles of the anterior forearm, the pronator quadratus muscle, is colored blue.
Anterior surface of the ulna
Front face of the radius
Pronation of the forearm
Nervus interosseus anterior from the nervus medianus
Spinal segments

The pronator quadratus ( lat. For "square Einwärtsdreher") is a skeletal muscle of mammals and is located in the deep Beugerschicht of the forearm . It is a nearly square muscle with transverse muscle fibers and runs on the front (the one on which the palm of the hand lies) of the forearm.

In the ungulates this muscle is not developed.


The pronator quadratus muscle, as its name suggests, is responsible for the pronation of the forearm together with the pronator teres muscle . It pronates more strongly than the pronator teres muscle. A secondary function is the cohesion of the distal radioulnar joint.

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