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My LifeBits is the name of a research project by Microsoft Research , which aims to record as much information as possible that surrounds a person in the course of his life. This can be information that he consciously, unconsciously or not at all perceives, such as seeing, hearing, CO 2 concentration in the breath or images from a thermal imaging camera. In addition, the project aims to develop software that structures this large amount of data and thus facilitates access.

Due to constantly falling prices for storage media and sensors, the first project goal has already been achieved. The Microsoft employee Gordon Bell digitized all of the documents, photos, videos, recordings of his answering machine, etc. that he had collected so far over several years and is therefore paperless . From 2001 to 2007, Bell saved 150 GB of data on his hard drives, including with the SenseCam , also developed by Microsoft , which he wears around his neck. Furthermore, his whereabouts are logged via GPS , which can be assigned to his other records using the date and time.

Speech and face recognition are important technologies for the success of the project .

MyLifeBits is the digital implementation of the analog Memex (Memory Extender) described in an article in 1945 by Vannevar Bush .

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