Nóż wojskowy wz. 98

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Nóż wojskowy wz. 98
Gerlach wz.98.jpg
Weapon type: Knife, combat knife, surveyor
Designations: Nóż wojskowy wz. 98
Use: Combat knife
Creation time: after 1992
Working time: from 1998
Region of origin /
Distribution: Polish armed forces
Overall length: 301 mm
Blade length: 177 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 280 grams
Handle: Rubber handle
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The Nóż wojskowy wz. 98 ( Polish for military knife model 98 ), partly also Gerlach wz 98 is a field knife made by Gerlach. It was developed in the 1990s and is used by the Polish Army .

History and conception

The Nóż wojskowy wz. 98 is a revised version of its predecessor Nóż wojskowy wz. 92 . A commission had developed this type of knife based on the models, the Austrian Glock field knife and the American M3 fighting knife . The wz. 98 should be usable for various purposes, it should be usable both as a field knife and as a combat knife . The knife can also be used as a throwing knife.

The knife has a continuous tang . There is a steel cap at the end of the handle so that the knife can also be used as a hammer or to smash discs. The handle is made of rubber. There are different versions of the knife. Among other things, there is a version with saw teeth and a stiletto version. The blade is phosphated to avoid reflections.