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Nabupolassar or Nabopolassar ( Babylonian Nabû-apla-uṣur ; ancient Greek Ναβοπαλάσ (σ) αρος Nabopalás (s) aros or Ναβουπολάσσαρος Nabupolássaros ; † August 9, 605 BC ) was the founder of the Neubabian Empire and the first kingdom of Neubabylon .


He took over in his accession year (626 to 625 BC) on November 16 ( 26th Araḫsamna ) 626 BC. The throne. In 625 BC Began his first year of reign. He called himself the son of a nobody .

Nabopolassar was a general of the Assyrian king Sin-šar-iškun , whom he betrayed. He formed an alliance with the Medes against the Assyrians , who ruled Babylon for 200 years. The alliance defeated the Assyrians, and Nabopolassar left in 609 BC. To destroy all legacies of the Assyrian reign.

At least three sons are known: Nabu-šum-lisir , Nabu-zer-ušabši and Nebuchadnezzar II , who was born as early as 620 BC. Was used as a military leader for his aging father and took over the throne after his death.

Nabopolassar in the Bible

Nabopolassar is not mentioned by name in the Bible. When mentioning the battle of Karkemiš , which Nebuchadnezzar II waged while his father Nabopolassar was still alive, Nebuchadnezzar is already dubbed "King of Babel" in Jer 26.2  EU .

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predecessor Office successor
Sîn-šarru-iškun King of Babylonia
626–605 BC Chr.
Nabû-kudurrī-uṣur II.
Nebuchadnezzar II.