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Napoleon Solo - Der Mann von UNCLE was a comic book series published in the Federal Republic of Germany from Semic-Verlag. The series was published every two months between December 1967 and April 1969. The original price at that time was 75 pfennigs .

They were reprints of the Swedish editions "Mannen från UNCLE", which were translated into German and contained stories from the US series "The Man from UNCLE" published from 1965 onwards. The cover pictures by the Swedish draftsman Rolf Gohs were partly based on the US photo covers.


The individual comic booklets each had 36 pages and were drawn realistically in black and white. The successful US television series “The Man from UNCLE”, produced between 1964 and 1968 and broadcast in West Germany by ZDF in 1967/68 under the title “Solo for ONCEL” served as a template .

The main characters in the comic series were (as on TV) the American Napoleon Solo and the Russian Illja Kuryakin, who were secret agents for the global organization UNCLE (United Network Command for Law Enforcement) during the Cold War. Your opponents often belonged to the terrorist organization "TRUSH". The action-packed stories occasionally also contained science fiction elements.

Volumes published in Germany

  1. The mysterious jet smugglers
  2. The secret of deadly toys
  3. The gold secret
  4. Brainwashing
  5. The underwater fort
  6. Big game in Singapore
  7. Death riddle
  8. The secret of the flying people
  9. The dogfight


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