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Since 1995 national cultural monument: pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelená Hora

National cultural monuments ( Czech Národní kulturní památka , short: NKP ) are cultural monuments in the Czech Republic , which represent the most significant part of the country's cultural heritage. They are appointed by ordinance by the Czech government . The loan of national cultural monuments abroad - e.g. for exhibition purposes - is only possible with the approval of the Czech government.

Approval and withdrawal

The first national cultural monuments in the Czech Republic were designated in 1962 by the government of what was then Czechoslovakia. This list mainly included historical buildings in the old town of Prague, but also in a few other cities. The first list also included the Königsfeld in Stadice, which is important for Czech history, and the rotunda St. Katharina in Znojmo. After several extensions, the list has included a total of 236 cultural monuments since 2008.

For various reasons, the status of “national cultural monuments” has been revoked for some cultural monuments. For example, the " Tank No. 23 " ( Tank číslo 23 ) set up in Prague-Smíchov , which commemorated the liberation of Prague by the Red Army, lost this status in 1991. In 1992, following a request from the city council of Tábor, the status of the historical center there was revoked in order to allow the restitution of the affected buildings to the previous owners. With the decree No. 147/1999, all national cultural monuments were newly confirmed, which had previously only been established by a resolution of the government of the Czech Republic.

On February 8, 2010, the government of the Czech Republic issued an ordinance with effect from July 1, which establishes 38 new national cultural monuments. This extension also takes into account buildings of modern architecture and industrial monuments that have not yet been classified as nationally significant in terms of monument protection. Examples of this are the Hotel Avion in Brno, the hydroelectric power station of the Les Království dam near Bílá Třemešná and the motorized multiple unit M 290.001 “Slovenská strela” . On January 31, 2018, 19 sacred buildings were declared national cultural monuments.

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