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Madhyana Nauli

Nauli , also called Lauliki , is one of the Shatkriyas (purification exercises) of yoga . The exercise is intended to cleanse the digestive organs ( small intestine ) and is based on a massage of the internal abdominal organs through the circular movement of the abdominal muscles.
Like the other Shatkriyas, Nauli is an exercise of classic Hatha yoga and is not taught in all yoga directions or yoga schools. Nauli is an extremely complex technique that can only be learned with a lot of perseverance and patience. They are available in four different variations, which are learned in stages:

Daksina Nauli
  1. madhyana-nauli: the isolated contraction and protrusion of the rectus abdominis
  2. vama-nauli: the isolated contraction and protrusion of the left-sided rectus
  3. daksina-nauli: the isolated contraction and protrusion of the right-sided rectus
  4. nauli-kriya: the circular movement of the rectus abdominis

In yoga, Nauli is recommended to relieve constipation and to prevent sagging organs. The exercise is said to cleanse the small intestine and eliminate digestive problems. "Intestinal massage, which has a stimulating effect on the intestinal motor skills through the drastic stretching of the smooth muscles of the intestinal wall." (Dr. Dietrich Ebert: Physiological Aspects of Yoga. Leipzig 1986)
Nauli is performed while standing, with the upper body tilted slightly forward and the Hands on thighs. After a full exhalation, the entire abdominal wall is pulled strongly inwards ( Uddiyanabandha ) and then the middle abdominal muscle cord is brought forward again and moved in a circle.


In the tantric yoga script Gherandasamhita , the exercise is described very briefly as follows: One lets the stomach circle with vigorous movement on both sides. You defeat all illnesses and strengthen the fire in the body. (GS 1.52)

The description in the Hathapradipika is more detailed : With the rapidity of a swirling vortex, move your abdomen to the left and right with your shoulders bent forward. This is called Nauli by the Consummate. Nauli, this crown of the exercises of Hatha, brings in order the kindling of a slow digestive fire and the further digestion, creates bliss and dries up all diseases of the 3 humores . (HP 2.33f.)


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