Navy Records Society

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The Navy Records Society is a British society founded in 1893 for the publication of scientific source texts and monographs on British naval history and specifically the Royal Navy . Its founders, the naval historian John Knox Laughton (1830-1915), professor at the Royal Naval College in Portsmouth and later Greenwich, and Admiral Cyprian Bridge (1839-1924), head of naval reconnaissance at the Admiralty, followed the example of similar societies like the Camden Society (publication of historical texts on English history) and the Hakluyt Society . Founding members also included Samuel Rawson Gardiner and overseas naval historian and Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan . Knox was its secretary until 1912, when the society also openly pursued the goal of helping to shape British naval policy through its publications.

Other important members were Julian Corbett (1854-1922), Michael Lewis , Christopher Lloyd , Admiral Herbert Richmond (1871-1946), Nicholas Rodger and Andrew Lambert .

By 2006 they published around 150 volumes of documents and on average they publish two volumes a year.

President is Naval Admiral Benjamin Bathurst and Patron of the Duke of Edinburgh .

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