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Nestoria is a vertical search engine that specializes in the real estate search field. Nestoria is present in Germany , Spain , Great Britain , Italy , Australia , France , Brazil and India .


Nestoria aims to make searching and finding real estate easy and to summarize real estate ads that are relevant to the user.


In 2006, the two former Yahoo employees Ed Freyfogle and Javier Etxebeste founded Lokku Limited, which was financially supported by private investors in Spain and Great Britain. In the same year, Lokku first launched the Nestoria brand in the UK. Nestoria went online in Spain in May 2007, followed by Nestoria Italy and Nestoria Germany in summer 2008. In 2010 Nestoria was launched in Australia, France and Brazil, Nestoria India followed in February 2011. In 2015 Nestoria became part of the Mitula Group.


As a hybrid web application or mashup , Nestoria finds relevant properties on the real estate market and puts them together on one page. Nestoria is an example of the use of the Google Maps API to localize the real estate on the map and the Yahoo User Interface Library as well as the OpenStreetMap. In addition, Nestoria works with collaborative projects such as OpenStreetMap or the web-based Geograph British Isles project. Other functions of the website include widgets and a Facebook application.


The indexed search results appear in terms of prices and updates exactly as they are provided by the listed sources (real estate portals and real estate agents). The quality of the results depends accordingly on the quality of the information provided by these sources and the results are as precise as they are made available by the cooperation partners.

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