Yahoo User Interface Library

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Yahoo User Interface Library

Basic data

developer Yahoo
Current  version 3.18.1
( October 22, 2014 )
operating system JavaScript interpreter
programming language JavaScript
License BSD license

The Yahoo User Interface Library ( YUI Library ) is a free JavaScript - web framework for creating interactive web applications . Techniques like Ajax and Dynamic HTML are used. YUI is available under a BSD license .


YUI offers a variety of functions and is divided into different areas for a better overview. The higher-level components of version 3 are Core , Infrastructure , Developer Tools , Utilities , CSS and Widgets .

The core component offers basic options for DOM scripting and working with events such as mouse clicks or keystrokes. Infrastructure provides several YUI base classes.

The developer tools include a console that can be used to output messages from YUI's own logging , as well as a profiler and the ability to create unit tests for JavaScript code.

Utilities contains a large number of different help functions. Examples of this are a rich text editor, support for drag and drop , the resizer with which block elements can be defined as freely scalable by the user in the browser, or the functions for working with the JSON data exchange format .

The CSS component aims to work with cascading style sheets . It primarily offers a reset stylesheet through YUI's uniform style specifications, so that individual adaptations are easier.

Widgets offer ready-made, customizable page elements such as a calendar for selecting a date or a slider element that can simplify the selection of values ​​for the user compared to conventional HTML form elements.

Browser compatibility

The YUI developers develop the framework with the stipulation that it should be applicable in as many browsers as possible and pursue a strategy for "graded browser support".


For productive use, some versions of YUI can be delivered via the content delivery networks of Yahoo or Google, depending on the provider and variant also with encrypted transmission or in compressed form.


The YUI Library project was founded by Thomas Sha and funded internally by Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang . Development began in 2005, and Yahoo services such as My Yahoo and the Yahoo website began using YUI in the summer of that year. In February 2006 it was released under the BSD license.

At the beginning, YUI was further developed internally by Yahoo. Since January 2009 the developer community at YUI can contribute to the further development with the help of GitHub . In September 2009 the newly developed version 3 was published.

In August 2014, Yahoo announced that it would no longer support the further development of YUI.

YUI theater

The YUI Theater is an educational program organized by Eric Miraglia, which provides interesting information about JavaScript and web development in over 50 lectures given by well-known people such as Nicholas Zakas , John Resig and Douglas Crockford . It was created as a series of lectures around YUI, but now deals more with general topics around JavaScript.

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