Nestor parrots

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Nestor parrots
Kea (Nestor notabilis)

Kea ( Nestor notabilis )

Class : Birds (aves)
Order : Parrots (Psittaciformes)
Family : Strigopidae
Tribe : Nestorini
Genre : Nestor parrots
Scientific name
Lesson , 1830

The Nestor parrots ( Nestor ) are the only genus of the subfamily of the Nestor parrots (Nestorinae) within the Strigopidae .

Today the genus only consists of two recent species that occur in New Zealand . A third species, the thin-billed nest , lived on the Norfolk Islands north of it until the middle of the 19th century , and a fourth on the Chatham Islands east of the South Island . Nestor parrots are large and powerfully built parrots. The sexual dimorphism is only weakly developed in all species. They are characterized by a short, square tail. The shaft of the control springs protrudes over the flag and forms a spike-like point. The wax skin is partially covered by bristly feathers. The underside of the upper beak has longitudinal saw-like notches. There is a hair-like hem at the tip of the tongue.


  • Nestor Parrots ( Nestor )
    • Kea , mountain parrot ( N. notabilis )
    • Thin -beaked nest , Norfolk cocoa ( N. productus )
    • Kaka , forest parrot ( N. meridionalis )
    • Chatham-Kaka , ( Nestor chathamensis )

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