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Network WorldWide Projects eV
purpose Business promotion and international exchange of experience
Chair: Gertrud Kreuter
Simone Iltgen
Suley Loewe
Volker Hann
Jens Loewe
Establishment date: 2001
Dissolution date: 2007?
Seat : Stuttgart

The Network WorldWide Projects (NWWP) initiative was an association in Hanover and was created as a follow-up project to the “Worldwide Projects” program, which was presented to the public for the first time as part of the Expo 2000 world exhibition .


With the “Worldwide Projects” program developed by EXPO 2000 Hannover GmbH, an attempt was made for the first time to include successful regional projects from all over the world in the world exhibition. An international competition was announced for which around 3000 participants applied. The idea of ​​bringing together more than 700 exemplary projects from around the world and presenting their initiatives to a broad public has proven to be a far-reaching success for the organized civil society movement .

280 "worldwide projects" from Germany had already been selected. Ultimately, 487 projects from 123 countries were awarded the status of "International World Project EXPO 2000" by an international selection committee.

Some projects in this program joined forces during the EXPO to form the NWWP initiative in order to further expand the capital from experience and communication processes, to make it accessible to others and to promote it with the help of other partners. In this way, innovations in the social, societal and ecological area in particular are to be further disseminated and strengthened.

NWWP was set up at the beginning of 2001 as a registered association “Network WorldWide Projects eV” and sees itself as a successor organization to the “Worldwide Projects” program. NWWP takes up the impetus of the “Global Dialogue” -conferences that arose in the context of EXPO 2000 and continues it. As a result, 100 international organizations have already been brought together with the aim of giving them a voice themselves. NWWP would like to further network these organizations, gain new partners and be a platform on which the people involved and their projects are the focus of the conversation. The diversity of people and their concepts should find respect and expression in an encounter “from equal to equal”.

The last visible activity of the association was a lecture in July 2007, the announced update of the website has not yet taken place (as of 2018). The domain "" is also no longer active.

Priorities and objectives

The focus was on environmental protection, development, peace and human rights issues, overcoming poverty and the democratization of global processes. The association was guided in particular by the endeavor to achieve sustainable development, as it is anchored in the foundations of Agenda 21 and in the resolutions of the major conferences of recent years (such as Earth Charter, We the People Declaration, Habitat Istanbul, Earth Summit Rio 92).

  • Broadening experience, organizing conferences, cooperation with schools, workshops and the Internet
  • Put interested persons, such as schoolchildren, students, scholarship holders, volunteers, in projects
  • Strengthen solution-oriented civil societies on the way to equality alongside politics and business
  • Shaping a humane and sustainable globalized (environment) world
  • Support of the movement "World Social Forum Everywhere"


  • Martin Khor: Making globalization fairer. NWWP-Verlag, Stuttgart 2002, (PDF).

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