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Ninlil , d NIN.LÍL, Mulliltu, Mulliššu ( mistress of the air / wind ) is a goddess of the Sumerian and later also of the Akkadian , Babylonian and Assyrian religions.


Ninlil was the wife of Enlil and the mother of Nanna , Nergal and Isum , whom she abandoned on the street. At first Ninlil was a figure subordinate to the Mother of God , later named next to her. She gained a higher profile when she emerged as an advocate with Enlil. Since Enlil was identified with Aššur in Assyrian times , Ninlil was next to Ištar to his wife or daughter or was identified with Ištar.


The Ešarra temple of Aššur in Aššur also had cult areas for Ninlil. The temple was excavated by the German Orient Society from 1903.


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