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Brigitte Groneberg (born April 9, 1945 in Regensburg ) is a German ancient orientalist .

Brigitte Groneberg studied Classical Archeology and Assyriology , Near Eastern Archeology , Islamic Studies and Semitic Studies at the University of Münster and at the University of Tübingen . She learned the cuneiform languages Assyrian , Babylonian , Sumerian and Hittite as well as Classical Arabic , Turkish and Hebrew . There was also West Semitic epigraphy . Her academic teachers were Wolfram von Soden , Wolfgang Röllig , Rudi Paret , Hans Wehr , Ruth Opificius and Ulrich Hausmann .

In 1972 Groneberg received his doctorate from Wolfram von Soden in Münster with the thesis "Investigations into the hymn-epic dialect of the ancient Babylonian texts". Here she described a literary dialect of the Old Babylonian period. From 1974 to 1975 she was a research assistant at the Collaborative Research Center 19 of the German Research Foundation , the Tübingen Atlas of the Middle East , then until 1987 she was a research assistant at the Ancient Near Eastern Department of the University of Tübingen. There she completed her habilitation in 1985 with the extensive work Syntax, Morphology and Style of Young Babylonian "hymnic" literature . In 1976/77 and 1987 Brigitte Groneberg worked at the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary at the University of Chicago in the USA, and in 1989 as "directeur de recherche" in the team of Mari , CNRS, Paris.

In the 1990 winter semester, Brigitte Groneberg became Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Hamburg , and finally, since 1999, at the seminar for cuneiform studies at the University of Göttingen , where she taught until her retirement in 2010. Lecture tours took her to Belgium, Australia, France, the USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Finland. In 1996 she received the medal of the "Collège de France 'Francois I.'". In 1997 she opened the American Oriental Society's congress in Miami with a lecture . From 2006 to 2008 she was Vice President of the University of Göttingen.

Groneberg's research focuses on Babylonian-Assyrian grammar and grammatical theory, Mesopotamian literature and the history of religion and the history of Assyriological science.

Publications (selection)

  • Praise the Istar. Prayer and ritual to the ancient Babylonian goddess of Venus = Tanatti Istar , Styx Publ., Groningen 1997 (Cuneiform monographs, 8) ISBN 90-5693-006-0
  • The gods of Mesopotamia. Cults, Myths, Epen , Artemis & Winkler, Stuttgart 2004 ISBN 3760823068

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