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Nippur de Lagash (in Germany: Torka the Tiger ) was an Argentine comic series ( Historieta ) about the adventures of a fictional Sumerian warrior in the Bronze Age , published from 1967 to 1998 by Editorial Columba, Buenos Aires. It was written by comic book writer Robin Wood and drawn by Lucho Olivera , Jorge Zaffino , Sergio Mulko, Ricardo Villagrán and others. Translations have appeared in Italy ( Nippur di Lagash , Euro Editoriale, since 1983) and Germany ( Bastei-Verlag , 1975 to 1977).

Plot and main characters

Nippur de Lagash ( Torka the Tiger ), the main character in the series, comes from the Sumerian city of Lagash in southern Mesopotamia . His parents were born in Nippur . After an invasion of his hometown Lagash by the Akkadian Lugal-Zagesi , he is forced into exile. On his wanderings through the Middle East, he experienced numerous adventures and met historical personalities such as the later King Sargon of Akkad before he returned to his hometown and became ruler of Lagash.


In Argentina, around 449 stories appeared from 1967 to 1998; the first in D'Artagnan 151 magazine published by Editorial Columba. In addition to dependent publications, the stories have been reprinted in albums since 1981, such as Nippur de Lagash - El hombre de Lagash (Editorial Columba, 1981), Nippur de Lagash - El incorruptible (Editorial Columba, 1981), Nippur de Lagash - El regreso ( Editorial Columba, 1990), Nippur de Lagash - Adiós a Tebas (Doedytores, 2003) and Nippur de Lagash. Biblioteca Clarín de la Historieta N. 9 (Diario Clarin, 2004).

From 1983 onwards, around 180 stories have appeared in Italy under the name Nippur di Lagash ; the first in Lanciostory 28 magazine from Eura Editoriale. The albums Nippur have been published since 1990 (previously volumes 1 to 46, approx. 64 pages per volume, Eurocomix series, Eura Editoriale). The series spin-off Hiras was also published as an album (volumes 1 and 2, Eurocomix series, approx. 64 pages per volume, publisher Eura Editoriale).

A German translation was published under the name Torka der Tiger from 1975 to 1977 by Bastei-Verlag. A total of 49 episodes of the series were published as additional stories in issues 48 to 97 of the Robin Hood comic series . As with Fanfan der Husar , another additional story in the Robin Hood comic series, it was printed in black, white and red. Colored red were z. B. the clothes of the protagonists, their riding horses and blood in the fight scenes.


Nippur de Lagash is said to be one of the most popular cartoon characters in Argentina. Its creator, the Paraguayan comic author Robin Wood, has created many important comic series, of which Nippur de Lagash is probably the best known.

In Paraguay the comic figure Nippur de Lagash was the motif for a postage stamp.

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