Normal way

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Normal routes or normal routes are the most frequent ascents and descents on a mountain peak . Normal routes are usually, but not always, easier and easier compared to the other possible routes to and from the summit.

The trails are differentiated according to marking, construction and maintenance:

Often times, however, the normal route is not the easiest ascent to a summit, but only the most frequently performed route, for which there is a technically simpler variant. This is the case, for example, with the Watzmann woman , the Hochkalter , but also Mount Everest . There are many reasons why this simpler variant is used less often:

  • the easiest route is less known than the normal route (Watzmannfrau).
  • the technically easiest route is more arduous than another (for example due to rubble) and is therefore used more for the descent (Hochkalter).
  • The technically simplest route involves high objective dangers such as the risk of falling rocks or avalanches and is therefore avoided in favor of a more difficult route (for example Watzespitze ).
  • the technically simpler route requires a more complicated journey or a longer approach (Mount Everest).