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The shipping unit number (NVE) or the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is a globally unique number for identifying a shipping unit that consists of any combination of trading units for the purpose of storage and / or transport (e.g. pallet , Container , cardboard box ).

The term number of the shipping unit (NVE) is only common in Germany. In the international environment, only the original term Serial Shipping Container Code is used.

  • The SSCC is an important key to traceability, as it uniquely identifies each individual transport unit and its contents.
  • The SSCC enables companies to track every transport unit in order to ensure efficient ordering and transport.
  • The SSCC can be encoded in a GS1 data carrier (GS1-128, GS1-QR-Code, GS1-DataMatrix or RFID / EPC Tag) so that the transport unit can be found correctly and easily when it is transported worldwide between trading partners.
  • If SSCC data are communicated electronically via EDI or EPCIS , they enable the exchange of information between companies about the status of transport units during transport, as well as the link with relevant transport information, such as delivery details.

The SSCC is compatible with the ISO / IEC 15459 standard - PART 1: Unique identification of transport units. This standard is often referred to as a license plate and is a prerequisite for shipment tracking and the traceability of transport units in international supply chains

To generate an SSCC, a GS1 basic number is required that references the creator of the SSCC (e.g. supplier, logistics service provider, e.g. a freight forwarder ) who put together the transport unit. This GS1 base number is assigned by a GS1 member organization and ensures that the entire 18-digit SSCC is unique worldwide. The SSCC is composed as follows:

  • The first digit of the SSCC is an extension number which the creator of the SSCC can freely choose between 0 and 9.
  • this is followed by the GS1 base number of the issuing company. The length of the GS1 basic number varies and is determined by the GS1 member organizations .
  • this is followed by a sequence of digits assigned by the creator of the SSCC. It is advisable to assign these serially in order to be able to utilize the entire number capacity.
  • the last digit of the SSCC is the check digit, calculated according to the modulo 10 algorithm , which checks the SSCC for plausibility when it is entered in order to detect input errors.


GS1-128 barcode with SSCC / NVE

Serial Shipping Container Code shown in correct bar code symbol

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