O Hoamatle

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O Hoamatle is an Alemannic folk song from Vorarlberg . The text was written by Kaspar Hagen in the 19th century and set to music by Anna Burger-Seeber in 1941 .


Oh Hoamatle, oh Hoamatle, on the sky-blue lake against Obedsunneschi!
Dett is mi golden paradise, bi warm and cold, bi bluest and is, min children's heaven gsi.

You green mountains in the Hoamatland, Ruina, forests, rock face, you Bihel, dear and nice!
Kornfealder, Wiberg, Gieter all, Waldkappele and Wasserfall, would I be fat again!

Oh Hoamatle, oh Hoamatle, on the sky-blue lake, I'd be happy again!
How warmer dett bim Hirtegjohl so light around the heart, so angelic, like nienameh aso!

But you can nimma, nimma si, and kumm i nimma, nimma hi to dear Hoamatle: So take min last greetings derfier, so take the last kiss from me, you schäna Bodesee!