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An Obstacle (Engl. For obstacle) is for skateboarders , traceurs , free skiers , snowboarders , wakeboarders and unicycle riders each that will overcome obstacles while driving. These can be specially made ramps, so-called kickers , but also stairs or handrails .

Obstacles are also called separate competitions for skateboarding or unicycling, which take place on an obstacle course .


Obstacle in unicycling

On the official unicycle obstacle course, also known as the IUF slalom, ten pylons must be avoided in the correct order and direction. The drivers start after a four-stage signal from the starter. The pylons may be touched, but not knocked over. The course must be traversed correctly, especially in the correct cornering direction. If an athlete drives around a pylon in the wrong direction, he can repeat the passage. The time at the finish line will stop after the last pylon has been completely avoided.

For official competitions, the pylons must be 45 to 60 cm high; the edge length of the base square is a maximum of 30 cm. Each driver is allowed two attempts.

The German record was held from 2004 to 2010 by Jan Logemann, who completed the course in 20.01 seconds. The world record of the Swiss Marc Haefliger was 19.46 seconds.

At the 2nd NRW championship in 2010 in the unicycle race in Recklinghausen, an official BDR competition, Niklas Wojtek was able to set a new world record on June 3, 2010 with 18.89 seconds.

In 2016, Simon Rodler from Germany managed to drive the course in under 18 seconds for the first time. With 17.89 seconds he set a new world record in September, which was broken a short time later by Belgian Gert-Jan de Vleeshouwer. The mark is now 17.60 seconds.

Swiss Mirjam Lips has held the world record for women since December 2009. Back then 19.29 seconds, her current record is 17.90 seconds.

Individual evidence

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