Ochna (mythology)

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Ochna or Ochne ( ancient Greek Ὄχνα; Ὄχνη "wild pear tree") is a person of Greek mythology .

She is the daughter of Colonos from Tanagra , her brothers are Ochemos , Leon and Bukolos . Ochna tries to seduce the beautiful youth Eunostus , when she fails, Eunostus accuses her brothers of having done violence to her. These then kill Eunostus, which is why Elieus , Eunostus' father, has them captured. After Ochna confessed the truth and threw herself off a rock in remorse, they are set free again.

It has been suggested that the mythical name Kolonos is related to the Attic Demos Kolonos . The daughter's name was related to the cultivation of pears in this demo.



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