Eunostus (Heros)

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Eunostus ( ancient Greek Εὔνοστος ) is a hero of Greek mythology from Tanagra .

His myth is only preserved in the writer Plutarch , who lived in the first and second centuries AD . However, this refers to the fifth century BC. Living poet Myrtis , which is why an old Boiotic local myth is assumed.

Eunostus is the son of Elieus and Skias and is raised by the nymph Eunosta , from whom he takes his name. He is beautiful but also demure, which is why he disdains the love of ochna shown to him . The offended Ochna finally accuses Eunostus of having done violence to her brothers Ochemos , Leon and Bukolos . The Ochnas brothers then kill him, which is why his father Elieus has them captured. After Ochna confessed the truth and threw herself off a rock in remorse, they are set free again.

Eunostus had a heroon and a sacred grove in Tanagra , which women were not allowed to enter. When events such as earthquakes or droughts occurred, the first step was to investigate whether a violation of the prohibition was the cause.



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